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Everyone Should Work In Fast Food At Least Once

A heavily talked about topic when it comes to working in fast food is how stressful it can be working there. The stress doesn’t always come from the fast-paced work environment but can come from rude customers complaining. Some of the people complaining have probably never worked in fast food a day in their life and do not understand what the employees go through. This is why everyone should work in fast food at least once.

From experience, having customers get mad for doing something wrong makes the work experience even more difficult. If everyone worked in fast food at least once, customers could be more understanding toward the worker which would benefit both the customer and fast food employee because the customer wouldn’t treat the employee disrespectfully and the employee would be happier to help a customer who isn’t rude.

Some may believe there isn’t a need to have everyone work in fast food at least once because there would still be rude customers due to the fact some people are naturally rude but if customers truly understood what the employees were going through, rude customers would only happen on rare occasions. The only way for that to happen is to have everyone work in fast food so they can be in the shoes of the employees and see firsthand how difficult the job already is.

Everyone should also have some sort of fast food experience because working in fast food shows one that high work hours does not equal high pay and may motivate them to want to achieve a better job especially since many employees are young teenagers. A fast food employee is at the bottom of the list for a high-paying job but everyone should have some experience in this field to know what it feels like to work a low-paying job.

This experience can build character and give people a new perspective on fast food employees and life in general. Not only that but working in fast food makes one more involved in the community because they are serving and helping hundreds of customers a day.

On top of getting new work experience, working in fast food prioritizes good customer service which is something that is strived for in many other jobs. Therefore, by already having some experience, one can use skills they acquired from working in fast food and use them in many other jobs.

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