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Why Berserk Should Receive More Attention

A story of a man who was born with nothing, and yet stripped of everything.

This series is not for the lighthearted. It contains lots of graphic content - blood, gore, nudity, and cases of sexual assault.

Written by mangaka Kentaro Miamura - a mangaka is a manga creator - Berserk has been recognized as one of the top anime and manga of all time. Still, many people ignore it due to the poor animation of the newer 2016 version of the anime. There are 4 different platforms for Berserk. The manga, the 1997 anime, the 2016 anime, and the Golden Age Arc Trilogy movies.

The Berserk manga also comes in two different versions, the paperback volumes and the deluxe editions. There are a total of 41 volumes of the Berserk Manga or 13 deluxe editions. The individual paperback editions each contain unique cover art while the deluxe editions contain three volumes in one and display bigger pages.

Although some may say that this isn’t their type of anime or manga, the truth is that this story is very versatile. It dives into tales of a broken man, it contains romance, friendship, loss, betrayal, trauma, and many other things. The characters themselves are very well written and the character development is like no other.

It portrays dreams and just how far people will go to achieve these dreams. This story is definitely one you don’t want to miss, so at least give it a chance. You can take away important lessons from every character you meet and see life in ways you’ve never thought of before.

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