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Is the paranormal true or do we just choose to ignore it?

I Survived a Ghost Attack

By Gabriela Arreguin

For many years now there has been a common question asked amongst everyone, “Is the paranormal real?” Many believe that the paranormal is false and just a way to scare people into going into these “haunted places” where people find a way to make a profit.

But I disagree with the idea that the paranormal isn’t real because I have had first hand experience. 

Apart from the countless pieces of evidence that have been given to us on YouTube, Netflix shows, and documentaries many people have also had some personal experiences with the paranormal, both good and bad.

For a very long time, I never believed in the paranormal, but it has gotten bad to ignore what was going on to me after I had seen figures, heard voices, and heard noises that I had tried so hard to explain but always ended up with nothing. 

I believe that many people don't want to believe that there is something paranormal because it is always seen as a “negative thing” but the paranormal can also be a passed dog, friend, and or family member. I think that's the main reason why I have grown to believe in it. 

One of the instances that made me believe was the day after my childhood dog died I was falling asleep when I heard her claws hitting the floor, and her scratching her bowl which is how she used to ask for water. I ended up putting water in the bowl and the scratching stopped for the rest of the night. 

I woke up and my brother and my dad also heard footsteps. 

It is known that energy can not be destroyed and we are made of energy. Many people believe that our energy and soul stay on earth when we have unfinished business, watch over someone, or are lost. 

Another instance when I have experienced something “paranormal” is when I was in my room and felt a cold breeze in this one corner of my room. I’ve always had a bad feeling about my room because it's believed that I have a “vortex” in my room. After all, I have two mirrors facing each other. I was doing my makeup and through the mirror, I saw a black shadow standing in the corner right next to one of the mirrors. 

I chose to ignore it until I looked up again and it was gone. Everything was normal until I felt something touch my lower back. I got terrified because I had just seen the shadow figure a while ago.

After that my back was burning all day and I developed some sort of red mark on my lower back. That was my first encounter with something I believe that didn't have the best of intentions. 

Having encounters with the paranormal is not common, but there is too much evidence to be able to just choose to ignore it.

Although many people choose to ignore it because of their beliefs or what other thing they believe in, there is so much evidence that to this day has not been explained which makes me think every day after my encounters about how we can get more proof there is such a thing as the paranormal.


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