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We Need a Cybersecurity Class

Updated: May 5

Cybersecurity is a course that should be offered at Rialto High School.

Cybersecurity protects networks, computers, servers, mobile devices, electronic systems, and data from hostile intrusions. It is often referred to as electronic information security or information technology security.

With a rising interest in tech over recent years, this class being added to the curriculum at Rialto would benefit many who want to improve their skills before heading into college.

With Rialto already offering a computer science class it would be easy to start a cybersecurity class. The biggest obstacle that the school faces with this would be hiring a teacher to instruct the class. It should not cost that much to start the class given that every student is already issued a laptop by the district.

If Rialto took the time to form the course it could be started next school year. Not only will the course allow those who want to pursue this as a career to get a head start before college but it will also allow students to learn how to be safer online by protecting crucial information from hackers and scammers all over the web.

While Rialto does not offer this course neither do many schools across the country, even though many crucial cybersecurity subjects are rarely, if ever, addressed in classrooms. Less than 10% of educators claim that in the previous academic year, their students had knowledge of encryption, systems engineering, artificial intelligence, electricity, or cyber law according to

Helping students get a head start in tech would be so beneficial, especially in California which ranks number one in the United States for tech jobs according to

While I do not know what goes on behind the scenes of starting a new course in a district, one thing is for certain, getting cybersecurity into the curriculum for Rialto students can open so many doors of opportunity in their future.


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