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Was it an accident? Was it a ritual?

Travis Scott, known for his rap songs like “Sicko Mode” and “The Scotts,” hosted his annual event “Astroworld” in Houston, Texas, at NRG Park, on November 5 and 6. As many of you know, the Astroworld Festival led to eight tragic deaths and many more injuries. But what was behind all this?

Was it an accident? Or could it have been a sacrifice?

Many witnesses are saying that they could not move and felt “suffocated.”

Diego Mata, a witness and a victim of this tragic night says, “There was a point in the concert where I did feel the panic of falling to the ground as a crowd of people pushed all of their weight onto my knees, I still don’t know how I managed to stay steadily on my feet.”

He continues saying, “Hours would go by without noticing a single security guard or staff member in the crowd.” He adds, “I did not see a single staff member during my time at the festival and If I did they were in the distance taking care of the VIP section.”

According to witnesses, the event staff and medical staff in the Astroworld festival did not seem to “care” for anyone other than those in VIP.

But the question still remains, where was Travis through all this, and why didn’t he stop the show?

Well another concert goer, Andrea Garcia Diaz, says she witnessed the panic happen. “I witnessed it at 4pm, the crowd of people shoving and pushing, and then it intensified during Travis’s entrance.”

It seems the crowd was already in riot formation BEFORE Travis came out, but when he did show his face, the crowd instantly went wild.

Especially when Travis shouted “shake the ground,” urging fans to run up to the stage and cause panic.

Other witnesses say they felt like they were in some sort of human sacrifice.

Many have their own conspiracies. For example, speculation rose about the 8 flames that went off during Travis’s performance saying that those flames symbolize those eight who lost their lives at the concert.

Others point out that in the album cover there seems to show eight people standing outside the Astroworld festival about to enter the event, many say those symbolize those same people who tragically passed.

Many more conspiracies have surfaced to the Internet, many of those calling out Travis as a worshiper for the Illuminati and the devil.

In his newest single “ESCAPE PLAN/ MAFIA” there shows a goblin and the lettering “THE TRUE DYSTOPIA IS HERE, (a dystopia is an imaginary society that dehumanizes in order to keep that society running).”

Other concert goers point out the fact that there was an eyeball in the middle of the stage, and how the stage was in the form of a triangle, hinting the Illuminati.

The next day an image of the stage in shape of an upside down cross surfaced and caused speculation across the internet.

Many believe this was a sacrifice and back it up by showing videos of Travis completely ignoring the crowd and harmonizing “yea yea yea” when being told, “Stop the show! People are dead.”

While these are all conspiracies, it still does not justify those eight tragic losses of life.

Many other witnesses blame Travis for everything, saying Travis saw people passing out in the crowd, but he did not stop the concert, others saying that the camera crew didn’t help and just wanted their paycheck.

Andrea Garcia Diaz says, “The tragedy could have been prevented if everyone had compassion for the life of those beside them who were trying to survive.”

What do you think? Was it something designed with bad intentions? Or could it have been completely accidental?.

*May those eight souls who tragically lost their lives at the Astroworld event rest peacefully.

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1 Comment

Anahi Campos
Anahi Campos
Aug 26, 2022

I find that the whole incident at the Travis Scott festival to be in shambles. The many conspiracies are very naive in the sense that many people have died. Eight people lost their lives and you're concerned of the Illuminati? Everyone is free to their opinion; however, I feel like Travis is very much at fault here. He had many opportunities to stop the show; with video footage being readily available to back it up. The crew was a mess and the fact that they purposefully ignored the screams and cries of the crowd is beyond me. I truly hope this never happens again. May all their souls rest in peace.

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