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Jesse Noriega is a writer for The Medieval Times, and was a part of the club that once filled the absence of the class. He enjoys writing because he's found it as a way to express himself. All his life he's felt like no one could understand him, but journalism has changed that for him. Noriega aims to be the next best journalist. Apart from writing he enjoys reading. Poetry is a favorite of Jesse's. He's always found poetry to be calming, and he reads it as a coping mechanism. His favorite authors are Sylvia Plath, and Elizabeth Woolridge Grant. But, 2 amazing women aimed Jesse towards his journalistic point-of-view, Lisa Guerrero, and Lana Winters. Lana is a journalist from the 70’s, she is a fictional character that filled the empty void Jesse felt during the pandemic. Lisa is an award winning journalist from Inside Edition, and is an inspiration to Jesse and his pillow thoughts, she finalized his career option, which is to be a journalist.

Jesse Noriega

Jesse Noriega

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