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Tennis and a variety of other sports should be offered at Rialto

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

Rialto High School has a selection of sports that includes soccer, football, track, and more. There are many students involved in these types of sports, or who are interested in being a part of these teams. However, there should be a much wider variety of sports to choose from instead of just the popular school sports.

Many students find interest in other sports that are not available here at Rialto, such as tennis and swimming. Eisenhower High School and Carter High School both have a pool as well as tennis courts, so why doesn’t Rialto? We have space for both.

It is very disappointing, especially for the freshmen, knowing a sport they are interested in is not being offered. Students here are missing out on the chance of playing a sport that they actually enjoy.

Other types of sports are available outside of school, but participating in sports outside of school can be really expensive. Many students do not have the funds or even the transportation to be able to join. If these types of sports were available on campus, more students would be involved in sports.

Sports help with both physical and mental health. Being involved in sports helps many students cope with their emotions and can give them an escape from what they are going through. Sports also assist with providing a healthy coping mechanism instead of resorting to other unhealthy methods of coping with emotions. This is called sublimation - a defense mechanism where socially unacceptable behavior is turned into behavior that is seen as acceptable.

Students on campus would feel more of a sense of belonging if more sports were available. They would be able to feel more comfortable with meeting others or feeling like they have a place here on campus.

A variety of sports being offered would also help students develop new hobbies or skills. It's always interesting to try something new as well as meet new people. It would help shy students come out of their comfort zone and make new friends who might have similar interests.

Offering a variety of other sports would greatly encourage students to try new things or to develop a passion for something they actually think they would like. More students should be able to experience the feeling of participating with others as a team outside of the classroom.

Aside from that, having extracurricular activities looks good on college applications. If more sports were available, many students would go out and participate in sports, being able to add that on their college application. Being involved in sports can also help students get scholarships.

Some would say that the school would just be wasting money and that it is unnecessary to add other types of sports when there are already some available. However, schools should give students more choices so they can find something more suitable for their personalities, as well as to bring students more opportunities.

Students should have a variety of other sports to choose from - and why not start with water polo and tennis?


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