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Spider-Man’s Spider Fans

With countless renditions of Spider-Man’s story, it’s no wonder there’s a whole web of enthusiasts. Here’s Miguel O’Hara’s #1 fan.

By Alexa Franco

Joclyn Glaser, grade 11, puts her own spin on the comic book version of Miguel O'Hara's attack stance.

Released in May of this year, “Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse,” was the newest addition to the Spider-Man universe. This was the sequel to the film “Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse,” which was released in 2018. The film’s non-traditional animation style captivated viewers across the globe: including one of our very own Rialto Knights.

One of the most prominent characters in the latest movie was Miguel O’Hara, who sacrificed everything–including the chance at a family– in order to keep the multiverse in place. His cold demeanor was the product of him losing what could’ve been, and the events in the film prove he was forever changed by the loss of his almost daughter.

When 11th grader Joclyn Glaser saw the movie for the first time, she instantly felt drawn to O’Hara’s character. “I lost so many people in my life,” she mentions. Watching the movie as someone who could relate to Spider-Man on the big screen, Glaser unlocked a new special interest. Just like O’Hara, her experience with familiar faces coming and going led to her link to this newly introduced persona.

After months of learning more about him, Glaser now proudly states “Basically, I am Miguel O’Hara.” Her obsession has only grown since her first viewing of the movie.

Since the sequel was released, her love for the character has increased. Take one look at her phone, and one can see her fan status. Wallpapers, saved TikToks, and even her phone case is all proof of her enthusiasm for O’Hara.

Glaser has even collected more physical merch of her favorite Spider-Man. “I have these posters in my room, I have the Spider-Man socks,” she explains, running down a list and counting it out. She even mentions that she owns her costume version of Miguel’s suit, “...The full costume–except he’s like a woman.” The 11th grader takes pride in her collection and even shows pictures of her setup.

When asked how she feels about being a die-hard fan of Spider-Man, she jokingly states, “I feel like I am the best person alive since I am him.” And how does Glaser feel about other O’Hara enthusiasts? “I’m flattered that you are a fan of me,” she jokes, once again showing how she feels with her connection to his backstory. With such a deep-rooted obsession with this complex character, however, she tends to find some fans irritating.

“He’s from Earth-928, and a lot of people say he’s from Earth-2099,” she explains. For context, each Spider-Man is differentiated by their Earth number in the multiverse of Spider-mans. “Like shut up,” she frustratingly mentions, adding that many other viewers incorrectly label Miguel O’Hara’s Spider-Man. Glaser also feels that others overlook her interest, or chalk it up to her being just another average fan.

Glaser can identify with Miguel O’Hara due to the contents of both of their pasts. Combining this with the amount of belongings related to him that she holds, plus the wide range of knowledge that she has about him, anyone can say that Glaser is one of the top (if not the #1) Earth-928 Fans. Joclyn Glaser believes, “I am the OG.”


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