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Transferring to RHS from EHS

By Kody Seng

Junior Kimberly Soto transferred to Rialto High School at the start of the 2023-2024 school year to continue her education after an incident happened at her former school, Eisenhower High School, which led her to switch schools to avoid another altercation. After discussing with her parents, they decided that Rialto High School was the most suitable school for her junior and senior years in high school.

Soto had to start off the school year in an unfamiliar environment which will now be the campus she will attend for the rest of her high school career. Soto describes her experience on her first day as being tough, “At first I felt confused but eventually I got the hang of it.” She believes that as time went on things fell into place and it became her new normal.

Having to find new friends was something that Soto had to think about as for the majority of her high school career she had been in another school. Soto was able to establish relationships with people on campus and she still keeps in touch with people from her previous school since it was only a school change.

Soto’s description of moving to Rialto High is that the school is well established and the campus has a pleasant welcoming atmosphere.

One thing Soto describes that is different in Rialto High from Eisenhower High is the academic effort required being higher than in her previous school. “At my old school, I feel like they didn’t really challenge us as much as they do here… when I experienced education over here, I felt like they were babying us back there.” Soto sees the challenge as a good thing as she believes that it will help her grow and refine her skills.

One of the notable classes she finds challenging is her AP physics class taught by Mr. Ansermit. She states, “Although I knew that AP classes were hard I was not expecting that it would be as difficult as it actually is.” Soto attends tutoring after school with her peers for her AP physics class as the teacher offers it to help the students understand the material on the homework and lessons.

Another notable change she had to make after moving to Rialto High School was the stricter dress code policy. Soto stated, “My old school didn’t really care what we wore but when I moved here, I had to get a whole new wardrobe. They are definitely more strict over here about what I can wear.” During an interview with Soto, heavy emphasis was set on this experience.

Soto’s first few months at Rialto High have been going pretty well and she thinks her class schedule is suitable for her at the moment.

As the future nears, Soto is excited to experience what Rialto High School has to offer. She plans to enjoy her time here and take advantage of the opportunities that she can receive. Soto believes that while the change was hard for her at first, she has no regrets about her actions.


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