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Sometimes your friends aren’t what is best for you

By Anthony Alvarez

Friendships are one of the most beautiful things one can experience in life. Friendships are the threads of life that weave things like strength, love, and joy into our lives. A lot of friendships carry on for life. But what about the ones that don’t?

Alvarez treating herself to a vacation to get through the tough times.

Tiffany Alvarez is a tenth-grader at Rialto High School who has had many friendships throughout her life, but this one in particular did not end so well.

Like almost all friendships, the beginning of Alvarez’s friendship was beautiful. She was able to create the fondest of memories and got to experience life and what it has to offer with another person. However, slowly, all of this began to fade.

Alvarez states that there was not a single event that started the beginning of the end of her friendship. It started with subtle shifts that one would normally think nothing of, like not hanging out with one another both inside and outside of school. This then transitioned into petty arguments over the tiniest things that would sometimes spiral out of control. Eventually, Alvarez says, “There was no final straw; we just drifted apart.”

Alvarez then went on to mention how the recovery from this ruined friendship was challenging and grueling. At first, she was sad as she had just lost her best friend and someone who was an essential figure in her life. Alvarez says she felt angry as she remembered all of the petty yet heated arguments they went through. At last, she says she accepted it as a part of life and that not everyone is meant to be a part of her life. This emotional rollercoaster is an example of the five stages of grief and how losing a friendship can put one through turmoil.

After the friendship ended, Alvarez says the way she goes about friendships changed. Alvarez no longer wishes to “tell her friends’ stuff, and [she is] more careful about what is said around them.” She also states how, after the friendship, she is more closed off than she was before with the people who surround her.

Despite all of the trouble and grief the friendship put her through, Alvarez does not regret the friendship one bit. Alvarez recognizes that through this friendship, she was able to gain valuable life experience, both during and after it had ended. Alvarez also said that the memories she made with that friend are some of the most cherished memories she has ever made with anyone, even if the ending was not picture-perfect.

Alvarez’s journey is a prime example of the bittersweet things life has to offer. While friendships can be a source of pride, unity, beauty, and joy, they can sometimes unravel and come to an end. However, the memories created and lessons learned will be a part of one’s life forever. Alvarez’s experience highlights the strength of the human soul as she ultimately came out of this experience stronger than ever before.

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