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Rialto Spotlight: Friends of the Rialto Library

Updated: Jan 23

The City of Rialto is filled with plenty of undiscovered fun locations. One in particular is the Rialto Branch Library.

This 1960s library is located at 251 W First St, Rialto, CA 92376, United States, near the downtown fire station and police station.

The library, named "Friends of the Rialto Library," is home to different exciting features. One is the wall of VHS tapes that can be checked out with a free library card.

The wall, which could not be photographed due to the no photography rule, has a variety of VHS tapes, an estimate of one thousand VHS tapes, including the entire series of Gilmore Girls.

Employee Paul, who chose not to share his last name, shared, "The library is great. I like it, and I love the events it holds. We're having a children’s painting event tomorrow, and I’m glad the library is not too busy. "

The library is rated a 4.3 on Yelp and seems to still be growing, as Paul shared that the popularity of the library has definitely boosted since the pandemic.

If you’re looking for a chilly, quiet place to enjoy a book or study, then this is definitely the place for you since it offers free internet access and even features a used bookstore where college textbooks can be bought for less than 5 dollars, and a variety of free books are on sale.

Jasmine Anette says, "The library is great, Though I wish it offered an extended variety of books for adolescents."

Stephany Ortiz, branch manager, says she enjoys the programs the library offers. Using the painting event as an example, she continues by saying she’s proud of the resources the library offers, like a bookstore, programs, free internet access, and a judgment-free environment.

The semi-dated library also features a computer lab, a resource center, and gives the appearance of an attempt to modernize with the inclusion of a printer and a touch-screen computer device.

Though the library is a bit dated in terms of interior design, it offers a variety of books and programs that offer great opportunities. The rating of the library is one to be agreed with upon your visit.

Overall, the library managed to bring in a good number of positive reviews and therefore gets a rating of 4 out of 5. It is definitely one you should visit. Or one you should consider.


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