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City of Rialto Spotlight: Manuel’s Tires, Wheel, and Auto

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

In the Rialto community we have many family businesses owned by people we know and maybe even grew up with. Manuel's Tires Wheels and Auto is one of those very businesses. Starting in 1990, owner Manuel Perez I opened the very first shop in Highland. It has been open for 32 years.

Manuel Perez’s son Manuel Perez II, opened the store here in Rialto. Manuel II grew up here in the city of Rialto. He went to Bemis, Preston, and Trapp elementary school then soon graduated from Eisenhower High School. Manuel had his kids coming right out of high school which made it hard to pursue a college degree but stuck with his family business which would soon give him and his family great success.

This Rialto location opened in 2013 and is one of the best in the city. Manuel II wanted to give back to the people and community he grew up in. Manuel’s has many great qualities but some that stick out are how they want to build lifetime relationships with their clients. They believe that everything should be “done right the first time.”

Although it is hard at times, Manuel loves helping people out and keeping their vehicles on the road. He believes in giving everyone good prices and not dividing the community. Everyone no matter race, religion, or background is welcome here at Manuel's Tires Wheels and Auto.

Like stated earlier, Manuel’s loves to give back to the community. This location sponsors and donates to many schools, businesses, and youth sports groups. They would like everyone to feel like everyone is invited and welcome to good service.

Customer service is their most important quality yet. Manuel believes that there is no need to cut corners or do an apathetic job. If something has to be done, it will be done “clean and thoroughly.” They want a good reputation and for people to spread the word and recommend going there after their first time.

Manuel II states, “I want to give all my customers a good price and not cut corners, at the end of the day my family and my employee’s families live here.” It is always good to support family businesses and help out here in the city of Rialto.

Reporting by Kimberlie Ayala



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