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Rialto's Raddest Restrooms

Imagine you need to pee. Like really, really need to pee. You want to have the best pee experience at Rialto High School, so which bathroom do you go to? If you have no clue which bathroom allows for the best pee experience, here they are ranked. So next time you feel the familiar fecal feeling, you know which bathroom is best to do the doo.

Voted the overall worst Rialto High school bathroom is the G building bathrooms. 50.7% of people asked said the G building is the dirtiest bathroom. The G bathrooms are notorious for less than favorable smells and long lines. One out of four sinks in the girl’s G bathroom doesn’t even work!

The bathroom ranked seventh place is the C building bathroom. This bathroom is always packed and is covered in graffiti. Toilet covers are often all gone in the C bathroom. The C bathroom also isn’t the most clean. Toilets are often left unflushed and gross. Like the G bathroom, only three sinks work in the girl’s bathroom.

Coming in at number six are the bathrooms near the baseball and softball fields. This bathroom is dark and only has two stalls. It’s also not uncommon to find a creepy creature lurking in the corners of the bathrooms. The field bathrooms are often filled with dried leaves.

Bathroom number five is the E building bathrooms. Students in the E or D building have to walk all the way to the G or C bathrooms because the E bathrooms are hardly ever open. Because so few people have actually tinkled in the E bathroom, it is fairly clean, and when it is open, the lines are usually short.

Fourth place is the locker room bathrooms. The locker room bathrooms are very clean compared to the G bathrooms, however, only three sinks in the girl’s bathroom work. This bathroom has no graffiti and the line in the locker room bathroom varies from class period to class period.

In third place, we have the gym bathrooms. These bathrooms are unique because they are the only bathrooms with mirrors. The gym bathrooms are also clean and rarely ever have lines, even during games.

In second place are the cafeteria bathrooms. There is little to no graffiti and both sinks work. On the downside, there are only a few stalls and the bathrooms are hardly ever unlocked.

Finally, voted the overall best bathrooms here at RHS are the nurse’s bathrooms. It wouldn't be unlikely to find vomit in these bathrooms, however, but if you’re lucky enough to go in when there is no vomit, it is quite pleasant and clean.

Next time you don’t know where to wee, you can think about the ranking of the RHS bathrooms to find the perfect place to pee

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