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Overworked? Or just enough?

Are the hours required for ASB worth it?

By Tania Barajas

ASB stands for the associated student body. It is a program for young leaders to represent their school and advocate school spirit. Students in the program plan various school events, attend most school games, and attend other events to represent their school.

Cameron Delgado is senior class president at RHS, cheerleader, AVID, and assistant coach outside of school. She admits that although being involved in many extracurriculars and activities, she dedicates much of her time to the ASB program. 

When asked about how much time she dedicates from her schedule to ASB, she states that on a busy month, 20+ outside school hours are dedicated. Non-busy months are around 8-10 outside school hours contributed. These hours are a required amount to put in to maintain a good grade in the class.

Events ASB has to attend can be random. For example, coming in on a Tuesday after school. Events may be random and still mandatory.

With other extracurricular activities Delgado manages, juggling everything makes her feel “drained”. Especially because she believes some of the outside school hours may feel a bit unnecessary at times. 

President of ASB, Anthony Alvarez, has some words on this matter. He states that the hours required for a decent grade in ASB are fair since it is required to attend events. The Student body representatives show up when and where it is needed. 

There was a comment on how there were more complaints about ASB call times in last year’s school year. But, there has been a noticeable improvement.

ASB has to attend occasional “Saturday Backdrops” that are sometimes needed. According to Crystal Magana, it is a day that is dedicated to any unfinished preparations before an event. Backdrop is from 8:00 AM to 12:15 p.m. and there is a couple of them throughout the school year.

Magana mentions ASB interfering with meetings for extracurriculars or friends, such as the Wilderness, or Diversify Our Narrative clubs. She ends up choosing ASB over anything else because of her concern for grades in the class.

Yahir Segoviano is a student in ASB, marching band, and AP classes. Segoviano makes it clear that the program is not something he dreads. Yes, it can “sometimes be difficult to manage consistently but that’s what we signed up for.”

 The feeling ASB brings is more positive than negative and not something Yahir dreads or dislikes being a part of. Segovanio does not fail to mention that the program’s needs may be difficult to manage consistently since there are plenty of events to attend throughout the school year.

When asked about requirements for ASB hours, he focused on the importance of work ethic. He believes that the hours put in for the program and the things ASB does will yield positive results on campus.

There are ways to make up your grade with extra credit such as make-up events one can attend to make up for another event not attended. 

Race and Gender/Women Studies teacher, Ms. Garcia gives her perspective on what ASB was like when she attended Rialto High School some years ago. From what she recalls, hours and requirements were not as much back then to maintain a good grade. She had different advisors. Mr. Casarrubias, husband of Mrs. Casurrubias teacher at RHS, used to be Ms. Garcias’ advisor. 

Garcia recognizes the “many hours ASB is required to invest.” With those hours invested, she also believes the “students’ dedication to ASB has not gone unnoticed and are greatly appreciated.” She believes people’s efforts to improve school spirit have increased.

ASB advisor, Lauren Erickson shares her perspective on the hours of ASB, saying it is ASB’s responsibility to build school climate and create memorable events because that is “what we do”. Her role is simply to advise and guide students toward being school leaders. It was also stated that outside school hours for the program are necessary and meant for the support of students. Erickson mentions that the changes to the program have not been drastic.

Everything required for ASB is mentioned in the outline for the program and has been used for years. It is an “ASB Bible” she follows as a template for her style of guiding the ASB students. 

ASB continues to be a distinguished program. Students put forth many effort and continue to enjoy their responsibilities despite the hour requirements.


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