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Music without a doubt is the universal language of humans

By Mia Arita Garcia

There's something in music that has withstood the test of time generation after generation in which we still value it greatly in our everyday lives.

Jairo Tapia, pictured leaning against a tree wearing a Metallica t shirt and a pair of broken earbuds. Image taken by Mia A 2023.

Junior at Rialto High School, Jairo Tapia, let us know about his music journey. Like many, his story starts way back with his family. “Funny enough, the first ever song that got me into the music scene was 'Hips don’t Lie’ by Shakira because when I was younger, my family would always play it and… it just somehow led me into exploring more music aside from whatever genre she was.”

Fast forward to middle school, Jairo states that his go-to artists specifically for rap were Eminem, for R&B it was Jacquees, and he switched off between System of a Down and Metallica for rock. He wasn’t one of those people who limit themselves to just one type of genre.

Despite his obviously alternative appearance, Jairo wants to make known that he is not the metalhead that everyone believes he is. He comments on this fact, “I just like long hair, it really suits me best. People are always so surprised when I tell them that it’s more of a style choice.” Jairo doesn’t plan on cutting his hair anytime soon to fit into the mold everyone else wants to give him and says “It’s funny, especially since an artist I believe people wouldn’t even think I listen to is Peso Pluma. I really love Spanish music actually.”

Now delving into a deeper topic, music has such an undeniably deep influence on one’s life that it’s impossible to acknowledge the change. Jairo states “Music has had such a profound impact on my life since a majority of my day is spent listening to it. Whether it’s in or out of school, I'm always listening. To say music doesn’t play a big part would be idiotic.”

Music subjectivity is also quite a sensitive subject today where, if you don’t have the “objectively right” opinion as someone else, you’ll probably get made fun of for your music choices. Jairo says “Yeah it’s obvious music is subjective because if it wasn't, then everyone would have the same taste and that’s really boring. For the fact that there are different genres and different branches to those genres, it just goes to show that everyone has their own specific music preferences.”

He also makes known that he dislikes people who police others about what they listen to by making the following statement, “I think everyone has the right to listen to whatever they feel like listening to. It doesn’t hurt anyone so why should it matter? Sure some genres are a bit wack, but that’s what makes each music experience unique since everyone is not tied down to the same style. I really love that part of music. However, there is one genre that I believe is just so lame and pointless to listen to. Which is obviously country music. It’s of course catered to more Southerners but even then I don’t understand what there is to like because all they talk about is trucks and girls and [school-safe word for a drink that inebriates you]. It’s really lame and whoever listens to it should reconsider their life choices.”



Music is more of an art form than a language as it is perceptive to the person one can say this song is good another can say this is terrible. But some art is a globally accepted as some one the most beautiful and can be seen as a language everyone can understand.


The first genre I ever listened to was rock, and I never stopped loving it. I absolutely love sitting with friends on a call and talk about the types of music we like to listen to. It's usually through these talks that I find a new song, look into a genre, or discover something I didn't know about the friends I'm talking with


I agree, speaking as a musician, music has become an integral part of my life and I think it's important in everyone's. Listening and playing can invoke so many emotions and help get emotions out that weren't able to and it gives path for the soul to be relieved. The perspective from a musician playing that same music people are listening to is similar, as someone once said "When a musician is playing music, he plays for the listeners, but one has to remember, the musician is the first listener", showing that music is for all to enjoy. Jairo's music journey displays how music grows with the person and changes to fit them. How it stays part of our lives.


Samuel Llamas
Samuel Llamas
Nov 09, 2023

Jairos's musical journey is one that most can also share, including me. I strongly resonate with the statement that listening to what we can consider “bad” or “wack” music and its importance is fun. As people change over time so will their preferences which shows a new appreciation for music that can genuinely stand the test of time.


This article is really relatable. I believe that music is also really a big part of my life and I can't go a day without listening to something. It helps people calm down and destress after a hard day. I also like how this article shows that not to put a person in one type of box based on how they look or what type of music they like listening to.

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