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Ms. Tellyer Is One Of The Best

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

At Rialto High School (RHS) one of the most positive aspects is Ms. Nicole Tellyer. Tellyer is an English teacher, one I had last year. She is the kindest teacher on campus and every student can feel comfortable asking her questions. She is not scary in the slightest and is very welcoming.

I love Ms. Tellyer. She made coming to school fun and I always finished my assignments with ease. It felt like I had the support I needed in that classroom. Not just with schoolwork. If you ever need to talk to someone, Tellyer is the teacher you can count on. Literally, for anything you can go to her.

She was one of the most lenient teachers I ever had, her class was really nice. Her classwork wasn’t stressful at all. I liked her teaching style too and her positive outlook on everything. She wouldn’t ever yell at us or give us more work as punishment. It felt like she respected everyone and actually cared what happened to us. She is adored by many students on campus, and for good reason. I always looked forward to the period I had her in, and I rarely say that about any of my classes. She’s nice, supportive, understanding, and easygoing. Everything a teacher should be. I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t or didn’t like Tellyer.

The role of a teacher is so important, and you get stuck with them for a whole year. I am just grateful that I was lucky enough to have Tellyer. It was a fun class but we did get a lot of work done too. She always made us think out of the box. I never had an English teacher like her before. English was the most boring class for me until I had Ms. Tellyer.

If you were ever struggling with turning in work on time she would help you out. It wouldn’t be an automatic zero or that automatically you would be failing the class as the assignments pile up. It was easy to bring grades back up if you put the work in, compared to other classes. She wasn’t so strict or uptight.

Last year, if you couldn’t tell by now, she was my favorite teacher. Her personality and attitude toward teaching are refreshing. You could tell she loves her job, and I loved seeing it. Ms. Tellyer is inspiring, and she inspired me to be more positive about things.


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