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Samantha Sanchez is a thoughtful, friendly-to-all, happy, cool, genuine, and flexible human. She always thought writing was cool, because to her it's a form of time travel. Samantha loves psychology and philosophy, and ever since she was little she’s been asking questions. To her, journalism might be one of the coolest classes she’s ever had. Students get to share their opinions and spread awareness like activists. Activists are super cool, the power to change is in the people. Her favorite form of writing comes from music, the lyrics. She is a lover of rock. Lover of old hip-hop. Lover of jazz-funk-soul-psychodelica. Southern-playalistic-cadillac, funky music. It’s all good to her. She loves art. She likes to look at things from all angles, to get the full picture. She loves hearing stories that have lessons to teach, and she’s always willing to learn. She loves poems because she gets to decode their meaning and purpose. Everyone always has a different outlook on their meanings, which always opens up a can of worms.

Samantha Sanchez

Samantha Sanchez

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