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Modern Culture is Ruining Childhood

By Gabriela Arreguin

Everyone is raised differently but the one thing that we all share is social media and access to many different things. Because of the daily use of social media and how it has heavily affected our modern culture and shaped it to what it is now we can be easily influenced to buy a product, keep up with the new trendy things, and yearn for lifestyles that we all can't obtain.

I think the amount of pressure put on children by modern culture is ruining these children's childhoods.

As we all know TikTok is a major part of many lives, even mine. While scrolling through TikTok I see many little girls doing their skincare and makeup. That is not a bad thing but what's bad is TikTok making them think they needed all of that at such a young age to “prevent wrinkles.” Little girls at that age don't have wrinkles. They should wash their face with water and moisturizer and they will be good.

The childhood I had won't be the same childhood newer generations will have because we keep evolving as a society, but that doesn't mean that little kids ages 7-10 should want more mature clothes for their age and they shouldn't be thinking about how the food they eat affects their body image because they're just kids.

It’s too much for their developing brains to handle. Apart from their physical appearance, it hurts them mentally and changes the way they think and enjoy life.

Giving children access to tablets or phones at such a young age can make them develop very bad habits and conditions they can't control which will lead on into their teen and adult years.

“Statistics show that: 1 in 5 children have mental health problems, there is nearly 40% increase in adolescent depression and 200% increase in the suicide rate in children aged 10 to 14 over the past 15 years.”

We as teens have been pushed to meet a beauty standard by modern culture and if it's taking a toll on us imagine how much of a toll it's taking on a 10-year-old's developing brain. Not knowing their body is still developing can or will lead to anxiety, self-consciousness, and depression.

If we compare our childhood with the new generation's childhood I don't see as many kids playing outside as we would, I don't see kids talking and interacting with each other as much as we would, and I don't even see kids enjoying the things they like anymore because it's seen as “childish” or “cringy.”

All of this modern culture is not only affecting childhoods it will also affect the generations to come.


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