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Your Body is Perfect the way it is

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Column: Mental Health Awareness

Eating disorders are something that affect many people all over the world. Many people who have eating disorders do not understand the gravity of the situation that they are in. There are many types of eating disorders but the most common types of eating disorders are anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa. Most people do not really know what anorexia is, nor do they know what bulimia is, and most don't know how to cope when they are recovering from one of these disorders.

Anorexia is described as an intense fear of gaining weight. The people who suffer from this disorder often starve themselves which leads to them becoming severely underweight. Even when these people are severely underweight they still see themselves as overweight, this is because they have a distorted perception of weight. Mood swings also plague a person suffering from this disorder.

People with this disorder often over exercise in order to lose more weight. This is incredibly dangerous because over exercising with a lack of nutrients in the body could lead to fainting which could cause serious injury. That is why people who suffer from anorexia are in serious danger.

Bulimia is an eating disorder in which one binges on food then immediately purges in order to get rid of the calories consumed during the binge. People with bulimia also excessively exercise like people with anorexia. Often people with this disorder induce vomiting to expel the calories they consumed. Self induced vomiting is incredibly dangerous because it causes malnourishment and dehydration and can also cause imbalances in electrolytes which could be harmful to the heart and other organs. Someone who induces vomiting could also cause damage to their throat or esophagus.

Overcoming an eating disorder can be a difficult journey. One of the most important resources a person will need when recovering is a support system. A support system can be the person's family or a single friend. It doesn't matter who their support system is as long as they have someone to support them through their recovery.

Journaling can also be a big help when recovering from an eating disorder because the person can write down the thoughts and feelings throughout the day that they might have trouble expressing otherwise.

These are just a couple of things that can help a person who is recovering from an eating disorder. If you are suffering from either of these disorders please seek help.

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