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Major Makeup Purchases

By Diana Morales

Freshman Marley Morales holding her most expensive makeup product: Huda Beauty Loose Setting Powder

It is easy for one to get caught up in buying products they find online despite it probably not being the best financial decision. One can find themselves being influenced by what others say online, causing them to make a major purchase. This is a case that freshman Marley Morales has experience with.

When discussing the topic of major purchases, Morales explains that one thing she spends the most money on is makeup products. She stated that she could be influenced to buy a product if she really finds the need to do so.

With multiple media platforms promoting various makeup products targeting young teens, Morales feels that deciding to buy certain things depends on one’s own preferences and personal needs. She goes on to say, “When I watch videos about people telling me to buy makeup, if they are good, I feel like it’s just a choice and I do not feel the urge to buy it unless I need it.”

Morales often finds herself watching a video online with a makeup product that piques her interest, leading her to purchase it. “If the makeup product is expensive, it does not always mean it’s good so I’ll only spend a lot of money if it’s really good,” Morales stated when asked if she believed whether or not buying makeup was worth the price.

“Buying makeup is worth it, but I need to keep buying it and I buy expensive types so it’s not a good financial decision.”Although Morales believes the products she buys last her a long time, she admitted that her purchases may not be the best financial decision in the long term.

Morales stated she owns a lot of products from the Too Faced brand. The price of products in this brand ranges from $16 to $58. When asked which of her products is the most expensive she stated, “I think the Huda Beauty Loose Powder is my most expensive makeup product and it’s $38.” She says that she uses this product whenever she goes to school or when going somewhere for a long time.

Shopping trips can get expensive when buying high-end makeup products. The most money that Morales has spent in one shopping trip was $200. “I buy most of my makeup products from Sephora, Ulta, or just online.” Sephora and Ulta are two of the more popular makeup retailers that offer a variety of high-quality products.

One habit that Morales has started adopting to overcome spending too much on makeup is looking into cheaper options of high-end makeup that still offers good quality. She added, “I would try to just not buy all expensive items unless I really need them, if not, I would just go to Target to get other makeup.”

Although it is nice to spoil yourself once in a while, Morales agrees that it would be a wiser decision to be more aware of one’s spending habits. Some advice that she offers to those who would like to keep from overspending is, “I would say at least set a little limit and to not go over that when shopping.” Morales believes it is important for one to balance the amount of money they spend.


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