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Her First Real Love

Gissel Sanchez talks about her first and real love, Oscar Quezada.

By Marissa Angle

Junior Gissel Sanchez has been in a serious and committed relationship with junior Oscar Quezada for the past two years. They started off as friends and are now on their way to three years together as a couple.

Quezada is not the first guy Sanchez has liked in her life, however, he is the first guy she has ever felt this way about. He’s the first guy she has ever fallen in love with and to this genuine level.

As a freshman, Quezada asked Sanchez to be his girlfriend while at school. Sanchez then agreed to the sentiment and was ecstatic. Their first date consisted of going to a lake together with her mom and some of her family friends. Sanchez states, “He makes me the happiest.”

As juniors, a two-year relationship is pretty serious. Be it as it may, they have had serious conversations as a couple concerning topics many would frown upon if heard by the older generations, considering how young they are.

An important topic of discussion that they have talked about is moving in together as adults. Topics such as children and marriage have yet to be discussed for the many years to come in their relationship.

Throughout their two-year relationship, they have met each other's parents and families. Sanchez states, “I kept my relationship a secret for a year, and then I told my mom about it. She was pretty cool about it.” When it comes to meeting Quezada’s family, his family has known since the very beginning and supported them as a couple.

Sanchez describes her relationship with Quezada as “interesting.” Sanchez states, “It is just the most randomest things.” Sanchez has not given any advice to her friends based on her own experiences with her relationship. Sanchez calls her relationship “the best.”

Sanchez also states, “No amount of money can replace it.” Sanchez loves her relationship with Quezada and hopes to continue to live with him in her life as her partner and confidant. She feels as if he is her safe space and her biggest supporter.

A favorite memory Sanchez has of her time together with Quezada is the first time they slow danced. They slowly danced to a song by Mazzy Star titled “Fade Into You.” Sanchez states, “It was amazing, it is something that I would never forget.”

Sanchez describes Quezada as “random, in a good way.” Sanchez states that he is very energetic and lively, one of her favorite things about him. She loves the dynamic they have and would never trade it for anything in the world.

Something that they like to do together is spend quality time. As a couple, they have been to quite a few events together. An event they attended together as a couple was to the J. Paul Getty Museum this past August for a field trip. Another event they attended together was to Quezada’s brother's girlfriend’s Quinceanera this past July.

Quezada’s Brother’s Girlfriend’s Quinceanera

Field Trip to the J. Paul Getty Museum


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Yadira Orozco
Yadira Orozco
09 nov 2023

This is an adorable article. It shows that it is possible for friends to lovers relationships really do work. Becoming friends first in a relationship makes a relationship strong and lasting much like Sanchez and Quezada. From this article you can tell that they have a love unlike any other.

Me gusta

A beautifully written article, I adore how you went into depth into how your relationship came to be. Being friends first really is the best foundation for a relationship, you guys lasting for two years really proves that. I enjoyed the details, a very heartwarming story.

Me gusta

This story is so heart-warming, and the details about how you guys met is so interesting. I'm sure that Oscar and Giselle will be a happy couple for many years to come. :)

Me gusta

Your article is so cute, I love it!! They are proof that being friends before getting into a relationship is the best thing to do if you want your relationship to last. 2 years is a long time.

Me gusta
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