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Hawaiian pizza: The pinnacle of amalgamating excellence

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

We have been massively blessed to exist in a world where the phenomenal deliciosity known as pizza exists.

It’s a food that is enjoyed globally by a variety of cultures and is universally praised. The number of combinations for toppings and styles of pizza is innumerable and essentially impossible to quantify. However, within all this variability, a type of pizza exists that has titillated people’s emotions in a negative and positive way, that anomaly is Hawaiian pizza.

Since its inception, Hawaiian pizza has garnered a very controversial perception due to the amount of contradicting reception. Many people were absolutely disgusted and revolted at the idea of Hawaiian pizza. However, at the other extreme, people thought that it was a revolutionizing creation and provided a refreshing take on pizza.

So that begs the question, is Hawaiian pizza worthy of the harsh criticism or is it misunderstood?

Hawaiian Pizza is extremely over-hated and actually ranks near the top when it comes to pizza selections. When I first heard of the concept, I must admit that my initial reaction was one of hesitancy and skepticism, as the idea of combining a sweet component with a savory component sounded quite absurd.

While on paper it sounds odd, the flavor profiles come together in a very congruent manner. The pineapple is a major discussion point when it comes to Hawaiian pizza as it’s the most exotic topping. However the sweetness of the pineapple combines very well with other toppings that are spicy and savory. Pineapple and jalapenos is a very good combination as is pineapple with pepperoni or ham.

Pineapple is a very complimentary ingredient and enhances the quality of any pizza. Pineapple with BBQ chicken is so good it’s actually a cheat code. It’s a very transcending and titillating experience on par with laying your head on the cold side of the pillow in the middle of the night. It’s what I would imagine doing psychedelics would feel like.

The ham (or Canadian bacon in some parts) is the perfect accompanying ingredient to the pineapple. Its savory flavor perfectly offsets the sweetness to create a very satisfying conglomerate of magnificence.

To sum up, Hawaiian pizza is a delicacy of the highest class that should be appreciated much more. It exemplifies the essence of pizza which is bringing together unique flavors into a singular entity. If people are able to enjoy other weird food combinations such as peanut butter and cheese, then Hawaiian pizza shouldn’t be slandered as much.

For people who say that fruits shouldn’t be allowed on pizza, the tomato sauce itself originates from a fruit so that argument is futile. I will acknowledge that other attempts of unearthing a potential gem of a combination such as watermelon pizza, have been laughable at best.

There are certain boundaries that shouldn’t be crossed in terms of maintaining the key components that make a pizza intact. Also, the quality of the ingredients have a massive impact on the consumers experience when it comes to Hawaiian pizza as it can lead to mixed results.



4 commenti

Yes fruit does belong on pizza. I love pineapple pizza and it is the best pizza in the world to be honest.

Mi piace

Alex Morales
Alex Morales
31 gen 2023

I love pineapple


Mi piace

Armando Lopez
Armando Lopez
18 nov 2022

Great article very entertaining and the explanations of the controversial topic of Hawaiian pizza. When hearing anything featuring Hawaii pineapple has to be involved. Watermelon pizza seems crazy as it literally has watermelon as the foundation for cheese and tomato on top of it.

Mi piace

John Reyes
John Reyes
19 ott 2022

Hawaiian pizza is my most favorite pizza! It has the best of all worlds - the sweet pineapple taste and the slight saltiness of the Canadian bacon. The important thing to remember is that the pineapple needs to slightly toasty and dry. Wet pineapple will cause a soggy crust; which no one wants. A slice of Hawaiian pizza will always be my choice at a pizza party. Well, maybe two slices.🍍+🍕=😍

Mi piace
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