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Freshman Carlos Jesus Macias-Serrano talks about personal experiences with friendship

By Angelica Macias

Friendships are something that everyone has experienced at least once in their lifetime. Today, Carlos Jesus Macias-Serrano shares his experiences with his friendships.

Macias-Serrano is currently a freshman at Rialto High School, and he talks about how when it comes to his friends, he believes them to all share great personality qualities. “My friends are pretty chill, and I like hanging around them,” Macias-Serrano states.

He’s happy that the friends he’s made throughout his life so far have been good to him, and have been just nice people in general. Macias-Serrano discusses the qualities he looks for in making a good friend, basically complimenting the friends he has right now even further. “I really look for honesty and genuineness in people; that’s what I appreciate the most.”

Macias-Serrano continues by speaking about a favorite memory he shares with his friends. As he spoke about the memory, he held a wide smile on his face, while holding back small chuckles at the thought of the memory.

“I think my most memorable experience with my friends, was just always going to Wendy’s with them– It was really fun. One time, we were sitting at the table, taking a bunch of pictures and everything, and we were making a joke about the burger because it was named after a guy that one of my friends liked,” Macias-Serrano said.

Macias-Serrano goes on to talk about how he met his best friend long, long ago. “We met seven years ago in second grade, and we kinda, we talked a little bit, and so then we just– we just talked like for the rest of the year, and then, the rest of the year turned into the rest of elementary school, and then the rest of elementary school turned into the rest of middle school, and now, we're here, still together as best friends in high school after all those years.”

Macias-Serrano seemed to clearly care for his relationship with others and cares about making them last as long as they can. He cares about making sure that he and his friends are always on good terms with each other, and that there is mutual respect, trust, and honesty between them so that they can form even deeper bonds with each other.

Macias-Serrano ends off on a silly note by talking about what he would say to his best friend at the moment. “I would tell him that he’s really cool and that I hope we have some classes together next year during our sophomore year.”

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Samuel Llamas
Samuel Llamas
09 nov. 2023

When identifying the some of the qualities of a good friend, I think Carlos has most of them hit on the mark, as I too look for and see many of those qualities in my current friends. Serrano's positive outlook on friendships has refreshed my memories of when I too was an incoming fresh men with a group of friends, now a senior still happily on good terms.

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