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Dear COVID-19,

I have too many things I would like to get off my chest and I have so many questions for you.

Why did you take my senior year away from me? Why my senior class instead of any other class? Why did you wait until the end of my senior year? Why did you ruin so many things for me and the rest of my senior class?

You have made me feel so many emotions. Most of them are negative feelings although there are still some positives.

I'm so devastated that the things I waited for for so long such as, grad night, prom, senior sunset, senior breakfast, and most importantly, my graduation got taken away from me. An event that I’ve been dreaming about got taken away from me, because of you. Events that I waited twelve long years for. I had the dream of walking along that stage with all of my lifelong friends, looking over my shoulder to only see my parents’ faces filled with excitement.

You filled me with so many regrets. I regret not enjoying my classes a little bit more, not cherishing the little moments that I had with my teachers, not cherishing that last lunchtime song, missing out on my last pep rally, not wearing that shirt that was out of my comfort zone, not going all out for spirit days, not saying thank you every chance I got to the lunch ladies, not saying goodbye to the teachers that most impacted my life, the list could go on and on.

I also want to know why you are affecting the economy this way? I want to know why it’s so hard to find a cure for you? I want to know why you had to come during my lifetime? I want to know why you had to ruin the memories I did not have but wish I did?

You took away all of my excitement. Instead of being at school right now enjoying my last moments with my friends, I’m in my bedroom full of regret.

The one thing I can thank you for is bringing my family and me together. Thank you for motivating me to work out every day because I have no excuse. Thank you for motivating me to cook more. As well as to appreciate life a little more.

I really hope that one day I understand why this had to happen during my senior year. Until then, I will always wonder why I had to leave my senior year before I had a chance to say goodbye.


Dayana Mariscal


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Kimberly Ortiz
Kimberly Ortiz
18. 12. 2020

I agree with this article. I wanted to rlly get the most out of this school year and enjoy it but then the pandemic hit so I am restricted to doing things I wanted to now.

To se mi líbí

I agree because I want to do so much this year but this happened.

To se mi líbí
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