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Celebrities Should Have More Privacy

By Roselyn Lara

Being famous and loved by the public is not always a good thing even when you are receiving a lot of money for it. Many celebrities do not have any sense of privacy in their lives. They are followed around by the paparazzi and fans. They are constantly being recorded and getting their picture taken when they do not want to.

Some celebrities do not enjoy being famous solely for the fact that they can never get any privacy especially when they are out running errands or even just relaxing in their own home. While most people do enjoy fame and money, there needs to be a point as to where we should draw the line in reading into their lives. Not everyone wants to share every aspect of their life.

However, some people might disagree with this, such as the younger audience who enjoy keeping up with the latest news regarding celebrities. Some people like seeing what goes on in other lives. They enjoy gossip because it is interesting and exciting, especially when it is about someone whom hundreds of thousands of people like. Many people even seem to believe that they deserve to have their private lives put out for the world to see in exchange for being famous and rich.

Yes, while the gossip about these people’s lives might be interesting, we still have to remember that these are actual people who need to have their privacy respected more. Keep in mind that you would not want half the world speaking amongst each other about your private life, especially when it comes to talking about a sensitive subject in your life, even if you were being well paid for it.

It is almost guaranteed that the majority of the public would not be pleased if they knew thousands, possibly millions of people were gossiping about their own private lives. Somehow when people know that it is a famous person that they are talking about they think it is okay to talk about anything in their lives.

Another group who might disagree with this is the paparazzi. They might argue that they survive off of recording and taking pictures of their every move considering that it is their job. While it is okay to share non-private matters of celebrities' lives (the information the celebrities themselves are okay with sharing) most paparazzi do not know where to draw the line and will even show up at celebrities' houses. A lot of celebrities then feel forced to move houses due to the fact that they do not want to be watched in their own home.

Almost nobody wants to be recorded or have their picture taken 99 percent of the time, why should it be any different just because we are talking about someone famous? Celebrities' private lives are a topic that should be off-limits to the public.

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