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Can Money Buy You Happiness?

Money can't buy you happiness, said no one ever.

By Andrea Cano

Money can't buy you happiness, said no one ever. Money is the key to happiness.

Studies have shown that when people have more money they actually become happier because money buys security. If you never have to worry about not having enough money to pay for bills or materialistic goods then you have less to stress about and therefore are more happy.

Once a person can take care of themselves and their families without any financial worries they are 100% happier than when they have financial worries. Never has a homeless person said that they loved being homeless and broke.

Possessions come from spending money. Look around the world whether it’s paying for entertainment or buying a house, these kinds of things are bought with money. The world is run by money, there isn’t any happiness without money. Whether someone wants to go see a movie with their family, go out to eat with their friends, use their phone to text their friends or family, or even use this Mac book to finish this assignment so I can be happy that I completed it and go to sleep, everything costs money.

There isn't a way a human being can truly be happy without using money.

99% of people's definition of happiness is something materialistic that you have to buy. For example, let's say a couple would like to go on a simple date. Every single thing or item that leads up to going on a date involves money. The outfit that the couple will wear for the date, is bought with money. The cost of fuel of the transportation the couple will use to get to the destination of their date is bought with money. Food, service, entertainment, drinks, gas, clothes, shoes, etc, it’s all bought with money. Sure this couple could stay at home and cook at home, but the house, the ingredients used to cook at home, the gas used to fire up the stove, the electricity used for inside the house, it's all there because a human being bought that product or service with their money.

Some may argue that money can't buy happiness, they may say other things in life such as family can bring you happiness or even social support such as friends and many other things. They also like to argue that money can turn you into something you are not aka the rude mean narcissist of the wealthy. These kinds of wealthy people are what make others believe money can't buy happiness. However, it's not the money that makes them this way.

Rich narcissists tend to think money can make everything go their way, which in some cases is true but the real problem comes when it doesn't go their way they tend to get miserable and bitter after the fact not just because they have a lot of money.

I think often people with money who are unhappy are unhappy due to the strain money has put on their personal lives, not because they have a lot of money. Money can buy lots of things good and bad and in some cases, not everyone will choose to do or buy good things with that money leading to problems and in some cases unhappiness. They will blame these poor spending choices and outcomes on themselves and what they chose to do, they will never blame it on the fact that they had the money to do so.

Many would often choose to have the money to make their own choices and purchases good or bad because no one ever wants to ever have a limited choice of things or experiences in their lives just because they are broke.

So, money can most definitely buy happiness.

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