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Can cell phones be educational tools?

By Carlos Ramirez

I believe cell phones can be very good educational tools for students. With the various amount of apps, the cellphone can be more helpful than a tutor or a teacher in many situations. Also, the amount of help apps like Google or Safari provide can allow a student to research and further understand a subject they may be learning about in school.

Although cellphones can be a very good educational tool they can also be a distraction for students to use during class time. Many schools have forbidden the use of cellphones during educational hours including the Rialto Unified School District.

Cell phones can help students communicate and collaborate with one another. They can also be useful when our computers are not working properly. Cell Phones can work faster than a computer to look up little things like the definition of a word. Many students around the world don't have access to a computer or laptop which makes a cellphone a very good replacement educational tool.

Many students would not like to stay after school to get help from a tutor or teacher. They may prefer going home and just finding a useful app that can help them with their work states student writer Brianna Medel on

Using a cellphone for educational purposes not only makes it easier for students to understand their work in school it also prepares them for the future of technology. For example, many high schools are not using textbooks for school anymore. Students now have access to ebooks which makes it easier for a student to get around with their books in the palm of their hand instead of carrying around heavy books by hand or in their backpacks.

It is very crucial that students use their cell phones during class time for educational purposes only. Many teachers get very upset when they catch their students scrolling through social media during educational time. This causes many disturbances in class because many students do not want to put their cell phones away when asked to do so. This causes teachers to call security to the class and take the students out of class till they give their phones up.

This not only affects the student being punished but also the students around him being distracted by the teacher's verbal discussion with the student being punished and security coming into their classroom causing more student heads to turn and get distracted from their schoolwork.

Although many schools have already banned the use of cell phones during educational hours I truly think they should rethink their choice to do so and look at the benefits the use of cell phones can provide for the students actually going to school to work and learn.

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