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Callie’s Night to Remember

Callie’s late night out turns into a mission to see her friend

By Omar Abdelhadi

Callie is camera ready on her way to 5th period. Photo taken by Erik Chavez. 2023.

Junior Callie Frias’s high school life consists of getting to school early to go to Ms. Knight’s class, then getting through all her classes for the day, and finally cross country practice but after all this is where her story begins.

It was late one Friday night and Callie had decided she wanted to sneak out of the house. She stated that sometimes she just needs time to “get away from everything when life would be too much.” That night she wanted to meet up with a friend but had to figure out how she was going to do it.

Callie’s goal was to make it to the main street which is right by where she lived, but her house has cameras in the front so just walking out through the front door was a definite no-go. She decided to go out the back because that allowed her to leave through the side gate of her house.

Her parents were asleep at the time but she knew that if she got caught it meant punishment and yelling from her mother and even more cameras to stop her from ever sneaking out again. To this, all she thought was “YOLO.” After leaving the house she had to make her way around the entire neighborhood just to get to the main street.

From there she went to meet her friend at the Rialto Park. While they were there, the indoor pool alarm had begun to go off for an unknown reason, they both assumed that it was just someone who had gone into the pool area after hours. Her friend told her that she didn’t think the police would come but just to be safe they left. Since it was late at night and minors weren’t allowed out past 10 p.m. they made sure to get out of there quickly because they didn't want to get caught and get in trouble.

As they were leaving a man on a bike went up to them asking what they were doing at the park and for some drugs. They told him, “No” and then he claimed that he was the security and was just making sure. Callie said, “We knew that he was not bike security,” and then they ran away. A little after that, they were surprised to see the cops show up and get out of their car. They hid and they were able to do so successfully to get away.

Callie went home afterwards but that's not the end of it. The next challenge was trying to get back into the house. She had to go back around her neighborhood just to get to the side gate of her house. Before she had left the house Callie made sure to leave the side gate open to easily get back in.

Once she was inside, to make sure no surprises came about, she took off her shoes so no sound could wake up her parents. To end her adventure Callie ran back upstairs to her room and called it a night.



Callie really has the guts to sneak out of the house, not get caught, then go on the record about it.


Raja Saadiq-Saoud
Raja Saadiq-Saoud
Nov 08, 2023

What a classic Callie move!! Hopefully her parents don't read this article and get her in trouble. :)

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