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Argentina, World Cup Winners

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

The World Cup is the most prestigious trophy a team could win in sports history. Billions of fans watch the world cup every year to see if their country could bring the trophy home. One country that should be very excited for the World Cup is Argentina and that’s because they are going to win the World Cup.

Argentina has one of the best international squads in the world at the moment. Their defense has world-class players. As fullbacks they have Gonzalo Montiel and Marcos Acuna who both play for Sevilla which is a top team in Spain. For center backs they have Nicolas Otamendi who is very experienced and plays for Benfica, one of Portugal’s top teams, Lisandro Martinez who although somewhat young has been taking the Premier League by storm and is one of Manchester United’s best defenders, and Christian Romero who has been solid for Tottenham. Argentina’s goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez has also been very good for Argentina, especially in the 2021 Copa America. With this unbreakable defense, Argentina can win the World Cup.

As midfielders, Argentina has Rodrigo De Paul that plays for Atletico Madrid, one of the best teams in Spain, Alejandro “Papu” Gomez that also plays for Sevilla, and Angel Di Maria who has played for several top teams all around Europe and plays for Juventus, a top team in Italy. This midfield can boss around any other midfield in the world and will be crucial to Argentina winning the world cup.

Argentina has one of the best forwards lineups in the world. They have Paulo Dybala who plays for Roma, a top team in Italy, Lautaro Martinez who also plays for a top team in Italy in Inter Milan, and lastly, there is Lionel Messi who is considered the greatest player of all time and although he is old at the age of 35, he is still putting up good numbers for PSG, a top team in France. With this attack, Argentina is guaranteed to win the World Cup.

Some may say that they think Brazil is going to win the World Cup, but the fact is Argentina beat Brazil just last year in the 2021 Copa America final and that was with Brazil having the home-field advantage.

Others could say they see France winning the World Cup, but they are forgetting the fact that the World Cup curse exists and has happened for the past three World Cups in a row. The World Cup curse is a curse where after someone wins the World Cup, the next World Cup they get knocked out in the group stages. This happened in the last World Cups in 2010, 2014, and 2018 to Italy, Spain. and Germany.


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