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A Note From Me To You During Quarantine

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Hey you!

Although there are many cons that fall under the category of isolation and social distancing, there are many pros as well! Being stuck inside a house all day can, at times, be very depressing and lonely, however, there are many things that can be done to distract yourself and keep you occupied and busy.

This is the best time to find hobbies and be creative. Rather than staying in bed all day, being lazy and unproductive, there are many things you can do to keep busy instead of going back and forth between apps and rewatching Netflix shows.

Hobbies such as painting, reading, writing, exercising, and cooking are all great things that are underappreciated during this time. It’s easy to say you’re bored, but are you really doing something about it or are you just complaining? Put your mind to work, study something you’ve always been curious about, go to your backyard and enjoy nature, be active, and do a couple of laps.

Another alternative to distract yourself is to download TikTok. It’s a common joke to have the app, however, it’s actually pretty fun. Learning new dances can be fun and a workout! Participating in a virtual spirit week is also fun! By following the RHS official Instagram, you can participate in activities that are posted weekly, during a spirit week.

I know sleeping schedules are all messed up during this time; my schedule is, as well as other students, we stay up late and sometimes don’t have our first meal until 3 p.m. We need to stay healthy and make sure to eat because it is very important. Although we get a good amount of rest every day and don’t have to wake up early for school, getting out of bed is a must!

Would you rather be a slug all day and do nothing or be productive and do things that benefit you? Completing school assignments is a great opportunity to raise your grades and keep you busy! By encouraging yourself to do it you keep your brain busy and creative juices flowing.

That’s all for now,

Clairessa Rivera

1 comment

1 Comment

Isaiah Diaz
Isaiah Diaz
Dec 17, 2020

Yes it is important to keep busy during this quarantine and stay with a good mindset to continue to be active.

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