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A high school romance and it’s battles

By Anahi Campos

Elena Núñez and her boyfriend Erick Sanchez. 2023.

When it comes to romance, it can get tricky trying to balance it out with the other priorities in your life. With Elena Núñez being a high school Junior in love, this is no different.

Elena and her boyfriend Erick Sanchez have been together for three years with their 4th year readily approaching in February. When asked about the qualities she loves about him, she said, “He’s nice but he’s not too nice to other people. It makes me feel special.” As well as, “He spoils me a lot, he buys me a ton of expensive stuff.”

Even though relationships can be beautiful, they can also have their fair share of complications. “I think there are ups and downs with our different schedules and finding time for each other,” speaks Núñez. With high school students receiving constant loads of work daily, it can be difficult to loan a second of your time to anyone. “He has work and sports, I have Link Crew as well as a high level of time being put towards my academics,” says Núñez, “It's a struggle.”

Regardless of all the hardships, the couple still holds each other to a valuable level. “I just love him, he’s amazing.” It's not a shocker to see how much this couple loves each other. During the interview, Elena recalls all the beautiful moments she has shared with her boyfriend. “Our first kiss was after school. We had gone out to get ice cream and it just suddenly happened. I kissed him and he kissed me back.”

With their first kiss being Elena’s most favorable moment, the first time they both said I love you was another favorite as well. “It was also after school. I was feeling very bold that day and suddenly said it out loud to him. You could definitely tell that he was taken back and the air felt awkward. but regardless of all that, he ended up saying it back to me anyway. I was so relieved.”

With the relationship almost reaching the four-year mark, the couple and their families have already met and are quite content with one another. “My family loves Erick. They think he's a lovely gentleman who is a perfect example for me. He’s responsible, kind, and very dedicated to school. He's just what I need and my family loves that about him.” With her family being very accepting of him, it further proves how perfect they are for one another. They are a perfect match for one another.

Though high school relationships can be tough, they are definitely worth the time and effort one must put into them.


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