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A Healthy Beetroot Potion

Hi guys!! Welcome back to Cooking with Sam. In today's column, I wanted to fix myself up a beet juice. I’ve noticed I’ve been having a lot of fatigue, a faster heartbeat, headaches, and it’s been hard to focus. It’s actually not a joke anymore, and it’s getting to me. For a second I thought it was senioritis, but no. I’ve been stressing over college applications as well which doesn’t help.

But it does not need to be that complicated. If I keep myself healthy I’ll be fine. Health is WEALTH. I try to lay off the junk but it’s hard. It is everywhere. Consumerism is crazy. I need more discipline. We are being contaminated globally.

Back to the main point, I was told that beets are really good for anemia so here I am.

So, I need to fill myself up with iron and Vitamin C. For this potion, I got the biggest beetroot I could find. I also got carrots and mandarins. They both contain Vitamin C. I also added mint because online one of the beet juice recipes had it in it. Mint helps with brain function. I would have added lemon, but unfortunately, I was out. I would have preferred it with lemon. I didn’t think I needed to buy more of it. I got home, and it was nowhere to be seen. Another thing that could have been added was ginger. You can never go wrong with that.

But overall, the benefits of this drink are supposed to help improve brain function, balance blood sugar, and boost your energy. For some, this drink might taste gross. The texture might throw it off. I feel like beetroot is also more of an acquired taste, but I like it.

The ingredients:



MINT (YERBA BUENA) - TO YOUR TASTE (I added 4 stems with small leaves)




It’s a really easy recipe. You peel the mandarins. Chop up the carrot. And you wash the beet to get the dirt off, then skin it. Chop it up in chunks. Then you sprinkle in some mint herbs. It took me about 15 minutes.

You do however need a blender or juicer. I blended on high, just to try and get it not so chunky. The carrots are what make it so chunky. My Dad told me that a juicer would have been better for that, but we don’t have one of those at home.

10/10 STARS

Overall, this beet juice tasted pretty good. It's healthy. I will be making it again, and drinking it every day. It’s been proven to heal, so I’m just grateful for it now and I hope this also helps anyone who's anemic. Thank you for reading.



This is a very easy to follow recipe, I will try it later!! Looking forward to more!


Ashley Valencia
Ashley Valencia
Oct 23, 2023

I can't wait until the next edition of Cooking with Sam!!

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