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We Need a Life 101 Class

Updated: May 5

Rialto High School is trying its best to create a safe, welcoming environment for its students, but there is something missing from the curriculum that would greatly benefit the lives and futures of students.

Students need a Life 101 class that focuses on real-life skills and/or problems that students will face. This class would help students not only move on to a higher level of education but also help them in their everyday lives.

This class would have a wide variety of subjects, with the main focus simply being to better the futures of students by giving them essential life skills.

To begin with, students should be taught how to do their taxes. Some may argue that this is already taught in economics, but as someone who just finished an economics class, I could say, for a fact, that we are not taught anything about actually completing taxes.

We are instead shown websites online that calculate a rough estimate of how much we would be taxed on a new car, house, etc.

Some of the other skills that can be taught include how to change a tire, properly handle emotions, safely handle a gun, survive without technology, use proper manners, administer first aid, manage time, get and maintain a job, defend oneself, handle the ups and downs of relationships, and how to use tools.

These small life skills will stick with students for the rest of their lives. Let’s face it, most students aren’t interested in the current curriculum at school, but with this class, students will be engaged in the classroom because they recognize that the skills they learn will matter for the rest of their lives.

Rather than just focusing on the numerical and linguistic aspects of school, students would appreciate how much thought administration and teachers are putting into their lives.

The addition of this class would also create a new and unique kind of connection between teachers and students. Teachers would not be evaluating students based on their textbook skills, rather they would focus more on the student’s character, personality, and social skills.

Being one of the first schools to introduce this kind of class would set Rialto High School apart from every other school, this class would be so unique, beneficial, and innovative that other schools in the area would notice this class and begin to follow. This could lead to Life 101 eventually being taught on a much wider scale.

Life 101 is an essential class that should be added to all high schools to help prepare students for the future, but let Rialto High School be the school that sets the precedent.


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