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There Should Be Mandatory Support Dogs At Rialto High School

Updated: Jan 23

Most people would agree that dogs are the most pure-hearted animals out there, they love unconditionally, have unyielding loyalty, and will go to any lengths for their owners. Dogs are easily the most loved and owned animals in the world, and for good reason, they drastically improve the quality of life of everyone around them.

Having such a wonderful presence in a place commonly considered dreadful would, undoubtedly, have a positive impact, which is why it is of utmost importance that Rialto High School should have mandatory support dogs.

Rialto High School doesn’t possess a depressive or sad atmosphere around it, for the most part, everyone gets along pretty well and the students are content with their school life, however; there is always room for improvement.

There are many facilities at Rialto High school designed to help students who may be struggling with some mental health issues, and although those facilities are great for their intended purpose, the general opinion is that they hardly help those struggling.

One way to improve the wellness center would be to add support dogs to it or add a new facility for them. Initially, it may not sound like a good plan because of the maintenance, cost, and upkeep needed to have support dogs on campus, however, the many benefits of a support dog say otherwise. Many scientific studies have shown the positive effects dogs have on humans - improved mood, reduced anxiety levels, and overall higher levels of happiness.

For people who have woken up on the wrong side of the bed and feel like they are not mentally prepared for the day, a support dog could go a long way. Imagine walking by the wellness center and then remembering that at the beginning of the day it was announced that new support dogs would be in the wellness center. Inside the wellness center, there are two beautiful fun-loving golden retrievers that could make anyone’s day better. After hanging out with them people tend to feel more relaxed and positive about their day.

Although it may not seem or sound all that helpful, for someone really struggling, seeing those dogs in the wellness center could change everything and help them realize that what was upsetting them before, may not be such a big deal.


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