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The Pasta of your DREAMS.

Hi! Welcome back to another edition of Cooking with Sam. In today's column, I will make

Pasta Verde for you guys. It’s a quick and easy Mexican dish, highly requested by my friends. This Pasta Verde includes a creamy chile poblano sauce, with mustard marinated chicken bits.

This dish takes about 40 minutes to cook altogether. 10 more for preparation.

The ingredients you’ll need:

  1. Cilantro (just a bit, like a handful)

  2. ¼ Onion

  3. 3 Garlic cloves

  4. 3 Chiles poblanos

  5. ¼ cup of Milk

  6. 400 grams of Sour Cream

  7. Salt

  8. White Pepper

  9. Lawry’s

  10. 200 grams of Chicken Meat (I used leg)

  11. Mustard

  12. Olive oil

  13. Pasta

  14. Oregano (optional)

I already had most of these at home, I just went ahead and got the pasta, chicken, and sour cream.

You'll want to get every part of the Chile toasted, even the bottom.

The first thing I did was wash every vegetable. Get all the dirt out. The chile poblanos would go straight onto the pan, on high heat. You want them to be toasted enough that they turn almost black. Not all of it, but most. Make sure not to overdo this part.

Right after they’re done toasting, you’ll throw them into a bag to trap all the humidity in it, and wait for it to semi-cool. Then you peel! You can use a spoon to make it easier for your hands. I ran them under water and it made it easier for me to peel them. Also, I got rid of the seeds. I don’t know if it would’ve tasted better with them, but my Mom recommended that I take them out because they don’t blend well. Next time maybe I’ll add Jalapeno for more spice.

Blend on HIGH.

Also, when the chiles are cooking, you could go ahead and put the rest of the ingredients in a blender. Inside the blender, you’ll put all of the ingredients listed 1-9. Eyeball the seasonings to your taste. After this, you should bring the pasta to a boil with enough water and salt. Do that for however long it says on your package, mine said 10-15 minutes.

Add salt into the water.

This recipe is a multi-tasking process. You’ll be doing about three or four different things at once, and it’ll feel like you’re playing Overcooked (easy mode). The key things you need to do are: Blend the sauce. Cook the chicken. Boil the pasta. Then mix it all and you’ll be done. It’s beginner-friendly.

Grab a big chunk of chicken meat for the chicken bits. Put it into a bowl. Get a pan ready on the stove, and a lid, if you want. Slice it up into pieces. Not into bits, because you’ll do that after to check if it's fully cooked.


I might have overdone the mustard.

Squirt some mustard, olive oil, salt, white pepper, and Lawry’s. Rub it into the chicken.

Make sure that after you remove the chicken, you keep it on low to then add the sauce into the pan.


You’ll put each sliver onto the pan and make sure it isn’t overlapping. My Dad tells me that you’ll know it's ready to be flipped when there is no more color when the chicken turns white at the top. Unless your chicken piece is a bit thick, then in that case you’ll flip it when it seems that the other side is getting crispy. It took about 15 minutes before I flipped it. Another 10 to fully cook. I covered it with a lid to keep it from turning into dry chicken.

Once you’re done with that, quickly chop up the chicken bits on a cutting board, and put the blended sauce into the same pan you used, or a pan that’s big enough. Mine wasn’t.

Empty the drained noodles into the sauce. Keep it on a low heat, and mix it. Then add in your mustard chicken bits. You can serve it with oregano as a topping, I added Cholula and it tasted so good.

This recipe is fun to make, and it’s filling. My sister got two big servings. She gave it a 9/10.

The quantities I gave made enough pasta for about 4 people. I hope you guys try this recipe, and if you like it, let me know in the comments below!




I absolutely love this dish! I have only made it once but I should really make it more often, hopefully this weekend. One change I make is adding cream cheese to the blended sauce to get it extra creamy. I also absolutely love to add chicken bouillon to everything; whether it be the pasta while its boiling, the sauce, and to the chicken itself.


Samuel Llamas
Samuel Llamas
Nov 09, 2023

Growing up my mom often cooked this very dish for me, which excited me to see a comprehensive and well-explained recipe. Now I can attempt to make this dish to rekindle memories with my family members and others who have yet to try this amazing dish can hopefully also enjoy it.


The fact that this has so many detailed steps is so cool! The detailed steps and pictures help so much and I will definitely give this a try soon.


Ariana De la torre
Ariana De la torre
Nov 09, 2023

This pasta looks super yummy! I also love how most of these ingredients are pretty common (at least in my house), which means I could also try making this dish. The visuals definitely help especially when someone needs a reference to what the food should be looking like.


It looks really good! Maybe for future recipes you could try doing something from a different culture to explore more options. Otherwise, yummy!

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