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The Impact of Nurture Versus Nature

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

Both nurture and nature play a big role in who a person is and in their upbringing. Some people feel genetics have more of an impact than experiences when it comes to the roots of a person's characteristics, but others believe the larger impact comes from experiences.

For humans, they are who they are because of nurture or nature. Which one has more of an impact on a person’s life?

Nurture, the experiences someone goes through, throughout their life. Learning right from wrong and growing from mistakes of their past. Developing a mind, choices, and personality traits of their own based on society's influence.

Nature, the genetic characteristics that you get from family. The things you can’t change, even if you wanted to. The color of your eyes, skin, hair, and even genetic illnesses are all naturally passed down from one generation to the next.

Senior De’Andre Prince expresses how nurture has more of an impact on who he is as a person. He states, “I believe my own experiences impact me more because the only way I know how to grow and learn is to experience new things and grow from that. Characteristics I believe I got from nurture is my ambition, my kindness, and my intensity as a person.”

Along with De’Andre, Junior Emilin Gutierrez claims “nurture has a more important role in who I am as a person because without it I don’t know where I’d be, my mistakes define who I am as a person.”

When asked, Junior Omayra Mijangos whether she believes nurture or nature is more important she responded “nurture plays a huge role on who you are as a person because of the life experiences we have.” She adds, “Nature is also a factor in who you are because it’s what you are accustomed to and your experiences and exposure.”

Mijangos comments, “A characteristic or good quality about myself is I tend to care really hard for others and make sure they are loved the way I want to be loved. I feel this is nurture because of my past experiences and lack of nurturing.”

Steve Rosales, history teacher at Rialto High School(RHS), mentions, “Who I am as a person heavily relies on nurture for better or worse. Undoubtedly, nature has its place, and it remains dominant in the world that surrounds us.” Steve declares “ is difficult to act without having some formal training or education to do so. Our attitude springs from our choices.”

Veronica Garcia, also a teacher at RHS expressed how both nurture and nature have impacted and play a large part in her life today. She explains, “Due to having a family history of asthma I, unfortunately, inherited it, and thus prevents me from doing many things that I wish I could do without the fear of compromising my breathing. In this case nature controls my physical ability. Concerning nurture, I would like to think that my resilience to challenging obstacles was learned. At a young age, I witnessed the hardships of my parents and their tenacity to overcome challenges.”

Although nurture may be seen as the most important and effective on a person, it is both that help shape human-beings into who they are today. Genetics are a large factor that cannot be changed and have many aspects that can come from it, nurture still plays an important role in plenty of human-beings ' lives, allowing them to grow from personal encounters.



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