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The Grind Don't Stop

Updated: May 5, 2023

New Year's resolutions are a time-honored tradition, a chance for people to reflect on the past year and set intentions for the one to come. They can be as simple as making a plan to lose weight or as ambitious as committing to a complete lifestyle change.

At Rialto High School, New Year’s resolutions give students the opportunity to better themselves. Rialto High School freshman Evelin Garcia states, “My New Year’s resolution is to be more productive with my time.” With students being exposed to so many distractions inside and outside of the classroom, Garcia feels like she must stop feeding into other distractions and focus primarily on school.

Garcia adds, “I’m doing it to improve my future.” She hopes to one day be able to study Nuclear Engineering at either UC Berkeley or UC Los Angeles. She feels like this year’s resolution is vital for her success, so she’s willing to put in the effort.

In regard to accomplishing her resolution, she says, “Well, obviously I aim to keep straight A’s through my high school career, but other than that I have recently deleted TikTok to help me stay focused in class and when I’m doing homework.” Garcia revealed that on average, she would spend 25 hours a week scrolling through TikTok. She adds “It [TikTok] was kind of like an addiction, it's been a tough year so far without it, but I’m proud to say that I haven’t relapsed yet.”

Another strategy she plans to adopt is to start doing extra homework or studying during lunch, instead of talking with her friends. Garcia claims, “I realized talking with friends was a waste of time, it’s just another distraction from my homework, now I have a ‘No Time Wasted” mindset.’”

Since the New Year, Garcia spends her lunch in the Freshman Academy. Garcia insists that the Academy is the perfect environment for her new resolution. Students are forced to keep noise levels to a minimum while inside the Academy, making it very easy to concentrate.

Garcia implementing her “No Time Wasted” mindset

With no way to measure it, Garcia finds it difficult to track her level of productivity, so instead, she believes it is more about consistency.

“I know it will not be easy, but I hope I can stay consistent with my New Year’s Resolution. For now, it will only benefit my grades, but I hope my resolution will turn into a good work ethic for me to be successful in the future,” says Garcia.



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