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The Chupacabra

Column: Legends, Lore, Superstitions, and More

Imagine you’re a farmer, you wake up and start your day as usual. You go to feed your goats for the day but when you head towards the enclosure where your goats live you’re stunned when you see your goat’s corpse laying, bloodless and small. There would be only one explanation to this, the chupacabra.

The chupacabra was first seen in Puerto Rico in 1955. Ever since then, there have been numerous sightings. The chupacabra is described as a kangaroo-like creature with reptilian skin and red eyes that stands on two legs. Other descriptions of the chupacabra say it is small and dog-like but hairless.

There have been chupacabra specimens that have been submitted to get tested on what it was. However, they ended up being mange-infested dogs or coyotes.

The chupacabra has been spotted in Texas, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Florida, Alabama, Missouri, and even Michigan.

No one has ever actually caught this blood-sucking pest. For now, the chupacabra will remain just another urban legend.


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