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Teachers, Allow Late Work!

Updated: Jan 23

Some teachers do not allow students to turn in any late work, no matter what. I can’t understand the reasoning behind taking away the option of turning anything in late.

Some teachers tend to think that if it is not done on time it won’t be done at all. However, what gives them the right to make the decision for the students and why take away the option of turning it in at all? If they assume that students wouldn't turn in the assignments no matter what, they are hurting their grades rather than helping them.

However, an argument that I can partially understand for not accepting late work is that students would wait until the last minute to turn in a semester's worth of work and would go through a lot of stress. Procrastination. My rebuttal to this argument is that it should be the student’s decision. If a student decides that they’ll wait until the last minute then it’s their own decision if they end up finishing it or not. Some students would rather do a semester's worth of work in a couple of days than over a couple of months. Teachers should not complain as long as the work gets done.

The middle ground for both sides is being able to turn in late work but every week it's late the percentage drops with the possible lowest percent you could get being 70 percent. I don't mind this policy at all. If anything I think it's the fairest to both students and teachers. Students have the option as well as the incentive to turn in late work and to turn it in sooner so that they earn more points than fewer points. Teachers get to show students that there are consequences to not being able to turn in work on time. As well as students being able to pass the class with a C even if they turn in everything late.

Teachers not allowing any late work seems almost childish. I don’t see a point in not allowing students the option to turn in late work. It doesn’t make sense and most teachers that don't allow late work are not liked by their students. My best guess as to why they don't allow late work is laziness to grade the work when turned in.

Students should have the decision to turn in late work and teachers should have the decision to take some percentage off if they want to.


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