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Rialto High School Reacts to Return of Bleach Anime

Students at Rialto High School are eagerly anticipating the return of the Bleach anime on October 10.

The Bleach anime was canceled in 2012 for disputed reasons which resulted in disappointment and frustration amongst the millions of Bleach fans around the world. Senior Denise Alba says, “Knowing Bleach was canceled must’ve been a bit disappointing for anime only watchers at the time as they would not get to see the show continue until so many years later.”

Now, over 10 years later, the anime is making its big return with an extremely high budget that will be used to cover the final arc in perfect detail. Bleach’s large fanbase is extremely excited for this return. Freshman Natalie Alba states, “I’m super hyped up for the return of an iconic show coming back.” Senior Alex Ayala says, “I’m really looking forward to it and I’m really excited because it’s one of my favorite anime.”

While Bleach fans are understandably very excited for the return of such a beloved series, even those who have not watched Bleach are also anticipating its return. Junior Damian Garcia says, “I never watched Bleach but I plan on watching it soon. From what I hear, it’s a good anime and many people are excited including myself.” Senior Brandon Castillo says, “I believe that Bleach returning is a huge surprise for fans and those who haven’t watched alike. Nobody expected it to return any time soon or, even at all.” He continues, “I’m ecstatic about the return of Bleach!”

Although many of those who watch or intend on watching Bleach are eagerly anticipating its return, there are still those who are skeptical. Senior Sean Minchez says, “I feel kind of concerned being that it’s a highly beloved anime and the state of anime has been pretty static and stale in recent years. I just hope it’s not made boring and stale and that there is love behind the return.”

Bleach began airing on October 5, 2004. It was an animated adaptation of the very successful manga that went by the same name and was bringing in many viewers due to all the fans it had already gathered with the manga. The series went on for many arcs such as the Soul Society and Arrancar arcs until it reached the arc before the final arc of the manga. It reached the Fullbring arc and had aired over 366 episodes before the end of the anime. While there are conflicting reasons as to why it was canceled, most believe that it was due to a decline in viewership after long filler arcs and due to scheduling conflicts with other shows being animated by the studio.

While there is some understandable skepticism, there is no denying the joy that Bleach has brought its viewers and there is hope among students that the return of the show will bring it back to its glory days.



Khamiyah Anderson
Khamiyah Anderson
Oct 14, 2022

Aldair! This is well written, I love this article!! Bleach has been on my "to watch list" for awhile now. I haven't found the time to sit and watch it. But knowing it's returning encourages me to finally immerse myself in that world. I've heard really good things about Bleach, so I hope to start watching it soon!


Armando Lopez
Armando Lopez
Oct 13, 2022

@Aldair Perez, explain what character from the Bleach anime is your favorite.

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