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Rialto Esports Creates a Fun and Comfortable Environment

Although Rialto High School has its issues throughout the campus there is still a major spotlight on campus for me, and many other students - the esports lab. When I’m in the esports lab I just feel more comfortable than when I’m somewhere else on campus such as the library, classrooms, or the quad.

I’ve been able to go to the esports lab since last year and ever since I’ve been allowed in the lab I feel there is meaning for me to be going to school because I don’t feel going to school for the “education,” is as meaningful as going to school to have fun with my friends and interact with other gamers/students who share the same passion as me.

The more and more we participate in activities in the lab the more connected I feel to the class as a whole, so it just creates a positive environment for me to enter every single morning I’m at school.

Just about every other Friday we have tournaments for the entire class to compete in that become very competitive and enjoyable. We also spectate each other's games on the big screens mounted to the walls of the lab.

The esports class/club instructor Mr. Mikal Thompson organizes the meetings after school that go over the competitive aspect of esports that we offer. I’m grateful for everything that Mr. Thompson is doing to bring esports to Rialto and enlightening our staff on the opportunities esports provides for students to do what they love and earn scholarships doing so.

I am able to compete for Rialto on the “Rocket League” team and I love being able to do so. I am a very competitive person and I am aware of the opportunities available to me through esports so I take our tournament matches very seriously. Because of the esports club I’ve been able to compete against other high schoolers with my teammates since last year and it has become my favorite aspect of school.

I am able to compete with my other teammates for opportunities to win big tournaments repping Rialto, I love every moment of it. I’m grateful for Thompson providing this opportunity for me and my teammates to earn scholarships by playing video games.

The esports lab creates a welcoming environment that provides me and many other gamers at Rialto with a place at school to just relax and have fun.


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