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RHS students weigh in on the effects of social media through political cartoons

Internet Safety Indifference

By Jennifer Pimienta


By Jean Brown

TikTok is Ruining Friendships

By Sanii Madrid

10 Mores Minutes

By Omar Abdelhadi

Tied into the Algorithms

By Elena Grijalva

Focused on the Wrong Thing

By Luke Nguyen

Social Media Takes Control

By Fernando Garcia

Man's Best Friend

By Valeria Rubio

A New Generation

By Valeria Ortega

It's Frightening

By Briyette Montalvo

Out of Time

By Bethzai Nazario

Meta's New Audience

By Nabeela Azad

Mother-Son Bonding

By Daisy Barragan

Fun Times with Friends

By Viviana Moreno

No More Leaders

By Valeria Garcia

Social Media Corrupts

By Audrey Marquez


By Anahi Campos


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