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RHS Library

Rialto High School is a large community in which many students can come together to interact, learn, and share skills. In this school, the place that I find that can have the most interactions and is most comfortable is the library.

The library is in the E building and you can usually see Katy Robles or Gayle Grawe at the front desk. They are both very kind and can help with checking out books, finding books, or with anything else someone might need in the library. It’s usually open all throughout the school day and students are allowed to come in before classes start, during lunch, and after school.

I think that the library is the best place for people who hate loud crowds or loud people in general since it’s meant to be quiet there. As soon as you walk in there are two couches, which many people who come before classes take the opportunity to sit in since they’re the most comfortable.

Aside from the couches, there are many tables and chairs from the entrance to the back of the room that are available. There’s also a variety of computers that can be used if needed.

In the morning this can be the perfect place to go over any flashcards or do any work you might have for your first period.

During lunch, especially with this heat, it can be the perfect place to cool down with your friends and look through books to check out anything interesting.

After classes are over I usually go to the library to study and do any assignments I might have because I get way more work done there than I would at home. This can apply to many students because home can be filled with many distractions and noises whereas the library has a nice atmosphere allowing them to focus and little to no distractions.

The library can also be beneficial to people who have five periods and need to find a place to stay for a while until the sixth period ends, especially those who have clubs to go to. Usually, whoever is at the desk will check your schedule verifying that you have five classes and then you’ll be given the okay to stick around.

The library has many assets and is welcoming to everyone, as long as you don’t make a lot of noise, you’ll enjoy your time there.


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