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Restless Ghosts

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

Column: Legends, Lore, Superstitions, and More

Some say ghosts are lost souls that are trapped between the human and ghost world. It’s thought to be the case with the Hawaiian Night Marchers or the Hukai’po.

The Night Marchers are often seen as ghostly apparitions of marching warriors. The worriers are holding torches, playing drums, and chanting. No one truly knows if they are marching to or from battle.

These ghosts are said to roam numerous places in Hawaii that were once battlegrounds.

Locals believe that you should not interfere with their marching. You also shouldn’t look at them because if you do it’s said you could instantly die. You should always respect them too.

Another tale of ghosts remaining on earth is from Beijing. Beijing’s ghost bus is notorious for these sightings.

The Last Bus to Fragrant Hill is what this story is called most often. In November 1995, a man boarded a bus heading to Fragrant Hills. This was the last bus on route to Fragrant Hills that night.

Once the bus left the stop, the driver saw two men wave down the bus to let them in. The driver didn’t really want to pick them up because they did not wait at a bus stop. After realizing it was the last bus of the day, the driver stopped to let them in.

Once on the bus, the other passengers noticed that the men were wearing robes from the Qing Dynasty. For reference, the Qing Dynasty lasted from 1644 to 1911, the Qing Dynasty ended nearly 84 years before this sighting. The passengers found this strange but ignored it.

Once at its stop, the bus stopped and the passengers left the bus. When they left the bus, the man realized the men had no legs and must be ghosts.

The following morning, the bus was reported missing. The bus was eventually found three days later in a reservoir. The police found three dead bodies in it. The bodies were said to be the driver’s, the conductor’s, and an unidentified body that people believed was one of the ghosts.

There are countless other stories about restless ghosts who seem to be trying to find their way in the afterlife. Some may not even know they’re dead.


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