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New Year, New Lily!

Updated: May 5, 2023

“New Year, New me!” That is what most people say when starting a new year.

Usually, people use this as an opportunity to change their appearance, behavior, or mindset. Even students at Rialto High school try to live up to their new year’s resolutions and goals.

Let's look at Sophomore Lilliana Torres’ goals for the year 2023!

As the new year starts, Torres has new goals she wants to accomplish. One of her goals is to come first place in the 800 meters race. Torres has been in track and field as well as cross-country since her freshman year. Although Torres managed to win 10th place in most of her races, she wants to do better in order to win first place.

In order to become a better athlete, Torres plans on working out and attending practice every single day. She wants to keep working hard even if it tires out because the results will be worth it. With this strategy, she hopes to win first place in the upcoming season of track.

Not only does she want to excel in athletics, but she also wants to improve her academics.

During the first semester, Torres often struggled with chemistry. It is stressful and overwhelming for her. She is afraid of how she performs on her assignments and tests, with the fear of receiving a low score or grade. Although, she plans on changing that this year.

Lastly, Torres wants to begin meeting and interacting with new people at school as well. She wants to get out of her comfort zone and make new friends. Who knows, maybe Torres may find friends that can make a big difference in her life. To fulfill this goal, she is going to talk to students she never interacts with in her classes.

In order to improve her grade in chemistry, Torres would start attending tutoring sessions and studying. She is also going to start asking questions when she doesn’t understand the material.

The reason why Torres wants to do better in chemistry and track is that she believes it would have a big impact on her future.

Torres would put in effort in order to complete her goals for the new year. She also has a suggestion for students who may also be accomplishing their new year goals and/or resolutions this year.

“You never know what you can do until you try it.”



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