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New Year, New Jesus

Updated: May 5, 2023

Jesus Lumbreras, Rialto High School junior, has several New Year's resolutions. Lumbreras says, “2022 was a good year but 2023 will be one of my best years.”

Going to the gym all year and eating healthy is his main goal. Lumbreras states, “It's going to be hard for me because I'm used to eating a lot of fast food,” but he said he will change that by prepping healthy food such as chicken, rice, vegetables, etc. He also shares, “Going to the gym all year will probably be a little easier because I already worked out at home with some weights, but I just have to stay consistent with it.”

Lumbreras getting swole for the ladies

Lumbreras chose the gym and eating healthy as a 2023 resolution because his friends inspired him by eating healthily and going to the gym. He also wants to gain 20 pounds of muscle by the end of the year and says, “If I could achieve this goal by the end of the year it would make this year a huge success.”

Lumbreras has another goal and says, “Getting my permit is also one of my goals because I don't want to depend on other people to take me everywhere,” and he wants to help his family out with picking up his little sister. As far as holding himself accountable for this goal, he adds, “I will achieve this goal by studying my DMV booklet and also practicing with my dad.”

Getting his actual license will probably be a goal for 2024.

His final goal for 2023 is to pass all his classes with a 3.5 or above. Last semester he finished with a 3.2 but told me he was not satisfied with that GPA and knows he can do better. He says, “The way I will get a 3.5 or higher is by not procrastinating like I did last year.”

He is going to get his work done as soon as he gets home from school. This will be a big achievement for him because it will help his overall GPA for college, but it also means a lot because he knows his parents will be very proud of him.


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rajas number1 fan
Mar 29, 2023


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