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Need a New Netflix Show? Here You Go!

The tv drama Money Heist is a popular Netflix show about a criminal mastermind who recruits eight people with certain skills to help him get through with his perfect plan, one that he has been planning his whole life. The plan includes robbing the Royal Mint of Spain which is the biggest heist in history. Throughout the show, the robbers are stuck inside the Royal Mint meanwhile holding a bunch of civilians captive in order for them to print out money without having the police intrude on them. Every attack the police attempts to make in order to catch these guys the Professor always seems to either outsmart the police or be a step ahead of them for the most part.

When the show first came out it was only in Spanish and it quickly became really popular and that is why Netflix decided to make an English version that ended up just making the show blow up even more.

One reason why the show is liked by many is that it is unpredictable which has the audience at the edge of their seat the whole time. There is always something major going on that can just change everything in an instant and that's what keeps the audience satisfied and entertained the whole time. The show itself is a rollercoaster of emotions and thrills.

Another way the show stands out is how they have amazing actors who truly bring their characters to life. Each actor seems to actually get into the character they're playing which makes it easy for the audience to love them.

The show doesn't only revolve mainly on thrillers but also on emotion. Throughout the show, the audience is able to see how close the heist has brought all the characters and see how much they mean to each other. They become family and the love they have for each other is beautiful and big enough for them to even risk their lives for one another.

Sophomore Carol Flores claims the show is a worthy show to watch because the plot is very lovable and the actors are “immersed in the stories of each character.” Senior Renee Vasquez claims, “the show is written and constructed magnificently,” and he now considers it his favorite show on Netflix.


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