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Money Cannot Buy Happiness

Money alone cannot make a person happy.

People who believe money can make them happy often say that they never have to worry about bills or anything else ever again, because they have money to take care of it all, but money comes with it’s own set of problems that aren’t as easy to solve as the financial problems that having money does solve. Of course, someone with money will never have to worry about money troubles again, but they will worry that the people around them are there for the wrong reasons.

Money only creates a false sense of happiness. Unfortunately, this false sense of happiness doesn’t last very long and can leave people feeling alone. They’ll start to question if the people around them truly care about them or if they just want their money. They’ll worry about this so much they’ll start to isolate themselves from everybody, even those who truly care about them, because they'll be so paranoid they won’t know the difference between those who care for them and those who don’t. Many say that money solves all problems, but there's one problem it can never solve, and that's loneliness.

Although money can solve many problems it can also cause a multitude of other problems, and it can change people for the worse. People who have lots of money, as I’ve mentioned before, can feel isolated from the world, afraid that people only want them for their money. This isolation could lead to depression, anxiety, and loneliness.

Money can also change a person's personality, sometimes for the better, but most of the time for the worse. Many people say money changed their family members into selfish people they no longer recognized. I myself have seen what money does to people, it makes them into somebody no one ever thought they could become. Money changed my family member into somebody else completely. He wasn't the same person I’d grown up with, he often complained about the smallest inconvenience. He also began to belittle people any chance he got including our other family members. When we were younger he was the sweetest person you could ever meet, but money changed him into something ugly and unrecognizable. Sometimes I wish we could just go back to before he had money and be happy again.

I don’t know how everybody else feels about money and happiness. I only know what I feel, and money could never make me happy if I was alone and became a person who I didn’t recognize anymore.

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