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Manhwas Are Now Getting Anime Adaptations

With the advancement of technology, many people now have access to explore and exchange cultures. For instance, manhwas. For those who do not know, manhwas are “a style of South Korean comic books and graphic novels,” according to Oxford Languages.

Manwhas gained popularity around the early 1900s. Although now they have been gaining more popularity through manhwas like The Trash of Count’s Family and Tower of God.

Junior student, Ariana De La Torre, mentions that due to recent anime adaptations, people have become more interested in anime and the manhwa culture.

Due to increased popularity, some manhwas have ended up having Korean drama adaptations. Some that you may recognize are Love Alarm (2019), True Beauty (2020), At a Distance, Spring is Green (2021), and Business Proposal (2022).

However, manhwas have begun to go to the next stage, anime.

During Crunchyroll’s Anime Expo in 2022, they announced that Solo Leveling would be receiving an anime adaptation that would later be released in 2023. They have also announced Why Raeliana Ended Up at the Duke’s Mansion would also receive anime adaption, which they haven’t announced the release date yet.

Eliana Guillory-Ayala, a senior, exclaims “I saw the trailer [Solo Leveling] and it looks very good!”

Freshman Alexander Cruz brought out that he may possibly read the manhwa, Solo Leveling.

Senior Judith Talamantez remarked, “I haven’t heard about [an] anime adaptation [Why Raeliana Ended Up at the Duke’s Mansion] but I’m excited to see it if it comes out [soon].”


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