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Kanye vs. Cudi

Kanye West and Scott Mescudi have been known in music as an almost unstoppable duo with every project leading to success. Their journey together in music has publicly been made known that it is more than business and that their relationship for a time could be described as family-like.

Due to this, it came as a great shock when in August, Kanye West went to Instagram and broke the news that he would no longer be associated with Cudi and that they were NOT on good terms.

This has caused a drift in communities and has inevitably led people to choose sides. Opinions are all over the place, with some preferring one over the other.

Senior Sean Minchez states, “I enjoy both artists, but to be completely honest, I prefer Kanye West much more than Kid Cudi, he has topics that I relate to more, I find his background more interesting and I prefer his overall sound.” Minchez also mentioned that he believes that their falling out is likely a publicity stunt to bring attention to both artists.

Senior Ashton Najera asked, “Will Cudi ever get his career saved by Kanye again or nah?” Although he claims he has taken no side in this debate.

Some students were surveyed and the results were very close, with Kanye taking the majority. However, Cudi has a good number of students willing to take his side in this debate.

This debate will likely not be put to rest until both artists settle their differences, but it appears as if a fanbase has been clearly split. Overall, the decision is up to the fans and who they choose to support, but one thing is for certain, whatever may come of the two is sure to be interesting. As of recent posts, it seems like a reconciliation may be drawing near, but only time will tell for this iconic duo in the world of rap and hip hop.

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